Cuddle up with your own Professor or anyone special!

It’s charcoal grey, the logo is embroidered in pale blue and the throw is 50″(L) x 60″(W). It is 100% polyester.

If you would like one, the suggested donation is $50, which includes shipping.


Please select 'friends' so no fees are removed.


at-choo foundation

Mailing address is:

po box 2682

toluca lake, ca 91610

Our logo is embroidered. So fancy!

If you would like to support the Professors of Love and would like a cap, the suggested donation is $30 each and that includes shipping.



Please select 'friends' so no fees are taken out.


at-choo foundation

Mailing Address


PO BOX 2682

Toluca Lake, CA 91610

Thank you for supporting the Professors!