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They are not mere, 'dogs', they are Professors of Love, teaching us life lessons and changing our lives for the better.

The most valuable commodity on this planet, of the universe is Love. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the ‘cream of the crop’ and dogs are made of it.

  • They are the most forgiving, nonjudgmental of souls and they deserve to be honored and cherished.

  • They are smarter than humans and are individuals with their own personalities, their own missions, goals and lessons to teach while they are on earth.

  • They are worthy of our kindness, compassion, respect and love.

  • They are the wisest of Professors of Love, coming into our lives with a mission to invade our hearts and to forever leave their mark there. They change our lives. Teach us life lessons, become our champions and our furry therapists.

  • They make us laugh more, cry more, somehow we end up talking baby talk, act silly, feel more and wake up each morning smiling. We live longer, we get more exercise and we make new friends because of them.

  • They LOVE us no matter how crappy we may feel, no matter how bad our breath stinks, how awful our outfit looks or fits. Pimples, or no pimples, disfigured or a super model, they adore us. Unconditionally.

  • We believe that they feel stress, emotions, and thoughts more than humans do. We believe that they HAVE emotions and thoughts.

We believe in reminding them of their strength and confidence when they may have forgotten. To tell them, “Awwww, you’re scared,” only helps them to feel that way. “You are brave and confident,” is a statement that helps them to feel those things. Try it on yourself and see how it feels.

It’s all about the roast beef she’s waiting for. A sweet #tijuanastreetdog started out dir

Dogs = teachers, therapists, motivators, comedians, healers of hearts, life savers, sanity, the best friend one could have, angels, inspiration.

They are there for us with no complaints. Well, truth be told, some do swear and complain a tad.


When their time comes to leave their body, it’s the least we can do and greatest gift to be there with them at that moment. After all, it’s what they have done for us their entire life that was spent with us. To let them know what a good job they have done as a dog, how they have affected our lives and hearts is something they deserve to hear. We all want to know we did a good job while here and that we mattered to those close to us.

We also believe that anything is possible.

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