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                             It's easy to make a difference, impact a life.

Population Controller

spay/neuter one animal $35

Big Cheese Population Controller

sponsor a monthly s/n clinic $900

Tooth Fairy Boss

dental  $40

Gladys Cravitz

examination $30

Tick Terminator

bravecto $40

Super Hero Tick Terminator

enough bravecto to help over

150 dogs $1520

Cure Cancer

chemo $75 each treatment


bloodwork $45


medicated bath $25


deworm $5

See the Invisible

x-ray $40

Bone Seamstress

back surgery $1000

Stop Sign to Illness

vaccinations $40

distemper test $35


distemper treatment $400

Provider of Angel Wings & Halo

euthanasia $35


Would you like to help?

These are the options for donating:

Mailing Address

At-Choo Foundation

PO BOX 2682

Toluca Lake, CA 91610

THANK YOU for caring!

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