At-Choo Foundation a non profit 501(c)(3) devoted to helping homeless dogs needing urgent medical care





PO BOX 2682

Toluca Lake, Ca 91610

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 devoted to helping homeless dogs in urgent need of medical help by paying for that vital care (focusing in MX).


For those dogs in severe need of medical help, the At-Choo Foundation’s goal is to cover the costs for that medical care. We also have the goal of putting a dent in the massive tick problem in Tijuana by supplying tick meds (the ticks cause illnesses that a lot of vet in the states have never heard of and they are deadly). We also supply food to the street dogs, plus also to the people in need of assistance with their beloved pets. We also are working on sponsoring more spay/neuter clinics.

The goal is to help where it is most needed and right now, we are focusing on the street dogs in Mexico (specifically, Tijuana and Mexicali). Compassion has no border.

We can not do this without your help. Together we can cause miracles and ease hearts, souls and the bodies of those who need it most.

These animals are considered by a lot of people (but, not us) to not be worthy of help. To us, they are magical treasures that have immense power to change our lives, as we help to heal theirs. They are not mere, 'dogs', they are Professors of Love.

Clover, neglected, ignored at an open market

He deserves all the luck of a 4-leaf  clover, hence his name.

Prof. Wilbur, tossed in a sewer/channel

On July 15, 2018, word was that a dog was in the sewer in Tijuana. 

Penny, the Dachshund with medical and now a HOME

She was in a California Shelter and said to be ‘healthy’. Somehow that just seemed a bit too easy. 

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