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 devoted to helping homeless dogs in urgent need of medical help by paying for that vital care (focusing in MX).


At-Choo Foundation is crazy, nutty passionate about helping street dogs and those who have know one and are suffering with medical conditions.  Focusing in Tijuana, we get these worthy souls off the streets and to our vets, paying for their care. Once they are healthy and ready for rescue (which can take 3 months to over a year), they then go to the states to wonderful rescues* and then they find who they are meant to love forever and are adopted.


We also have the goal of putting a dent in the massive tick problem in Tijuana by supplying Bravecto to the street dogs. The chew lasts 3 months and kills ticks (which cause severe conditions that can kill a dog), fleas, and mange mites (mange is a big problem and leads to infection).


We also supply food to the street dogs, plus, also to the people in need of assistance with their beloved pets. We also are working on sponsoring more spay/neuter clinics and step by step changing attitudes about dogs and cats. They are family members, not 'just an animal'. They are Professors of Love.


Compassion has no border.

We can not do this without your help. Together we can cause miracles and ease hearts, souls and the bodies of those who need it most.

*Some of the kind rescues we partner with and who we admire and love are:

Lionels Legacy

Hand in Paw

Puppy Promise

The Animal Pad

Dachshunds and Friends

Dachshunds Paws and Pals

Wagging Dog

Prof. Clover, neglected, ignored at an open market

He deserves all the luck of a 4-leaf  clover, hence his name.

Prof. Wilbur, tossed in a sewer/channel

On July 15, 2018, word was that a dog was in the sewer in Tijuana. 

banzai after.jpg
Prof. Banzai, now
Prof. Mister Rogers

On the verge of flying to Heaven, he was seen. Just in time.

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