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Operation Determination

Let’s make a difference! Would you like to help?


The goal is to get tick/mange mite meds to as many street dogs in Tijuana as possible, given the quantity of meds we are able to bring. We have gone twice now and have gotten food and meds to over 200 dogs. We have gotten over 90 dogs with urgent medical needs off the streets. Kitties are also those we’ve helped.

ALL have a chance, no matter the outcome. And all will know that they are worthy of love and care. That is a guarantee.

We are expanding and sponsored a much needed spay/neuter clinic in Tijuana on Nov 25 – 42 animals were snipped and we will be sponsoring another clinic!

Virtually every dog we saw on our two endeavors were either pregnant or had been pregnant. One of the horrible things that can happen as a result of dogs having sex is TVT – a venereal cancer that results in open lesions that look like garbanzo beans are inside. It is horrific and can be treated with chemo.

Most rewarding/challenging save: Prof. Wilbur from the canal/sewer and having to use a ladder to get down to him and then bring him back up. He had been tossed there about a month ago.



Silja Jeskanen-Wehber and Hilda Torres! Prof. Wilbur is already barking in English, having arrived in California to be with his rescue! Thank you to 4 Dogs Farm Rescue! Prof. Wilbur’s face has injuries. UPDATE: Wilbur has been ADOPTED!

If you would like to help to support Operation Determination with funds, all donations are tax deductible and to say they are appreciated is an understatement! Your donation represents a chance for a magical life and care for those who are desperately in need of help.


Compassion matters. Thank you for caring!

Tick-borne diseases are a SERIOUS problem leading to death if untreated. And even still, dogs can pass at the vet due to being too compromised by the effects of the ticks. They can cause liver and kidney failure, severe anemia that thins the blood (it can almost rival the color of water) and causes challenges to helping the dogs with surgery not being an option. Plus, the lymph nodes can swell up causing a dog to struggle to breath by cutting off the air supply. Ticks can also cause rickettsia which can kill children and elderly people.

(at-choo, not atchoo).

Pls select family/friends so no fees are taken out.

Mailing Address
PO BOX 2582
Toluca Lake, ca 91610



Most heart wrenching save: Prof. Clover at the marketplace with people walking around him, ignoring him. After he ate, thanks to us, he got up to walk, took a few steps and started to fall over. Luckily, he landed in a towel that scooped him up and off we went to the vet. His has prostrate cancer (that mass is his testicle), erlichia (tick-borne disease), TVT with an open lesion on his neck. He had, oh, about 3 thousand ticks on him. He has started chemo for the cancer, has gotten strong enough to be neutered and he has a RESCUE! THANK YOU, Hand in Paw!

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